Luxury Camp

Luxury Camp In Jaisalmer :- Jaisalmer Desert Resort Provided Luxery Camp In Jaisalmer.Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer Desert Resort offer rustic and spacious tents with all modern conveniences.Our Luxury Camp come with twin beds draped in crisp clean cotton linens.Every tent has a sit out verandah silenced generator and attached toilet (tiled and fabricated) with proper facilities like running hot and cold water.The Luxury Camp are also adorned with candles lantern and mashals to offer you a sense of the ancient way of living.Call Us At 9529753388

Camp In Jaisalmer :- Jaisalmer Desert Resort Offer Camp In Jaisalmer lowest prices.Rajasthan is one of the best destinations to visit at least once in a lifetime. The Desert of Thar is definitely one of the key attractions in the region of Jaisalmer.Presently there are various options for staying in the middle of desert in dessert camp which is generally providing tented accommodations.Camping in the desert of Jaiselmer has not been so far from you. If you want to visit desert and forget all the tension of your day to day life, you are most welcome to Thar Desert of Rajasthan.Jaiselmer is one of the finest weekend gateways from Delhi and Jaipur and from other city you have to plan at least 3 Nights holiday to enjoy the desert camping in luxurious style. Call Us At 9529753388

There are good numbers of desert camps sited near Sam Sand Dunes and most of them offer a sunset camel ride along with a unique experience of typical folk music and dance.Staying in Maharaja style in deluxe to luxury tents take you to the ancient history of Rajasthan, You will be really experiencing a stay at night in desert surrounded by sand. The twinkling stars in clean sky will definitely tell you that thanks for coming and you would be replying that this is one of the best moment of my life.Jaisalmer is located 575Km away on the western side of Jaipur. The city with a nick name, the Golden city, is crowned with forts and pristine temples, which has made it the World Heritage Site. Call Us At 9529753388

Swiss Tent Jaisalmer :- Is a Swiss Tent Jaisalmer at famous Swiss Tent Jaisalmer located in the midst of desert wilderness of Thar Desert.Located in west of Jaisalmer city. Luxury Safari Tents The camp consists of 25 deluxe Swiss tents accommodation.The tent has a large bedroom, with well-appointed ensuite bathrooms. Shower with running water.The public areas of camp consist of An open air Restaurant that offers fabulous views of the Desert.The camp comes alive in evening with campfire, Mashals, Musicians, Dancers, and Traditional live cultural entertainment. Call Us At 9529753388

Tented Accommodation in Jaisalmer :- Jaisalmer Desert Resort provides "Tented Accommodation in Jaisalmer" facilities to tourists.Tented Accommodation are are fully comfortable and nice accommodation near tents.Guests can enjoy campfire and cultural performances while camping on Sam Sand Dunes.Each of the thirty tents is carefully placed for commanding views over the desert wilderness. Beds are large and confortable, can be arranged as single,double or twins,and have electric lamps on side tables that light the tents effectively at night.The attached tiled bathrooms have running hot and cold water, flush toilets and proper wash basins.Call Us At 9529753388

Royal Desert Camp in Jaisalmer :- Jaisalmer Desert Resort Provided Royal Desert Camp in Jaisalmer.Jaisalmer Desert Resort has 30 Deluxe tents 8 Super Deluxe tents and 1 Cottage with all modern conveniences and amenities like comfortable beds clean linens sophisticated furniture carpet and toilets all of which makes for a truly satisfying stay. The tents are spacious and are provided with round the clock services making ones desert holiday in Jaisalmer to be a truly rewarding experience.Royal Desert Camp in Jaisalmer 4 star luxury camp designed on the patterns of safari camps is well managed by the famous Hotel Jaisalmer Palace.The desert camp accommodation offers its tourist the excellent luxurious stay lavish dining and numerous recreation facilities. It also promises a enthralling life time experience of the medieval royal era amidst the desert which is worth experiencing.Call Us At 9529753388

Desert Camp Resort in Jaisalmer :- Jaisalmer Desert Resort Provided Desert Camp Resort in Jaisalmer Very Reasonable Price.Come and stay in our desert camp resort in jaisalmer where we offer a comfortable stay under the clean sky of Jaisalmer.The concept of desert camps was started by the Maharaja of Jaisalmer who use to camp out in deserts for hunting.So such luxury tents accommodation were prepared for the Maharaja their court members and these camp sites were filled entertainment like local tribal dance, also known as Rajasthani Mujra, Sward fights, Fire show and grand dinner.At Jaisalmer Desert Resort offer all the services to you which was once offered to Jaisalmer Royalty.Here we offer 16 luxurious desert tents along with Royal Dinner Hall (A Tent specially prepared for dinning)Winds Desert Camp team and by evening to night, enjoy bonfire with musical program and tribal dance.

Luxury Desert Camp Jaisalmer :- Jaisalmer Desert Resort Provided Luxury Desert Camp Jaisalmer accommodation with attached bathroom with running hot & cold water.We have beautifully made our tents with a good quality of cloth keeping in mind the severe chilling of the great Thar Desert and locally hand block printed, covering 14X14 center room, 14x7 verandah, 14X7 attached bath room.Call Us At 9529753388